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By stevewoolf - March 29, 2017
Hi all – I am 51, my name is Steve and I live in Westport. Back in the day I ran Irish Pubs with my father and mother’s families. Real good drinking... READ MORE

By PhilJ - March 23, 2017
I smoked for 40 something years when I quit smoking my BODY fell apart. I was told by my regular family doctor I had COPD we’ll treat it when the time comes…... READ MORE

By Raven - March 23, 2017
I do hope this helps or save anyone with COPD as divine intervention helped a doctor to fight as he was fighting as well for a COPD patient. As this was told... READ MORE

By Maggieg1 - March 17, 2017
My name is Sherry, I have stage 4. Went to my doctor today, he said things that upset me terribly which I already knew but still it bothered me. He didn’t give... READ MORE

By Peter Queripel. - March 6, 2017
Living with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and bronchiectasis over 20 years has been quite a journey. After a visit to my doctor he told me how I could control my symptoms. He said... READ MORE

By Gbeards - February 27, 2017
After reading a lot of stories most of which sounded a lot like me (hospitalization, oxygen, pulmonary rehab), seven weeks ago I had lung volume reduction surgery. It sure helped me although... READ MORE

By Goby - February 17, 2017
2010 diagnosed with cough variant asthma. At the time I would cough.. exhaling… till I passed out. Advair, ventolin… till insurance didn’t like that. Dulera, till insurance didn’t like that. Newly prescribed... READ MORE