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By arnoldbentley - July 21, 2017
First thing you gotta learn and accept when you have COPD is that your married life is over as you used to know it. Not a lot of women can deal with... READ MORE

By FullyAlive - July 17, 2017
After I’ve struggled to walk into the mall with Woody (portable oxygen) I casually fake a phone call to catch my breath. I like to believe that nobody can hear me gasping,... READ MORE

By 1mnmsbf - July 13, 2017
I purchased a DeVilbiss Traveler from Express Med Supply. Best $118.00 I ever spent. The nebulizer runs off house current, 12 volt auto, and also comes with a battery pack. Wherever I... READ MORE

By Lazy T - July 7, 2017
Returned from a nice Fourth of July weekend, immediately started with the problems. This morning, though, we are fighting. It is 74 degrees with 78% humidity. Quarter mile walk… somewhat brisk… slight... READ MORE

By graingerhebshie - July 5, 2017
I started with the smoker’s cough, then I would get bronchitis/pneumonia. That was about 40? Now I have been intubated, tubes down my throat, arm tied to the bed rails in the... READ MORE

By schallsa - June 23, 2017
Hospitalized in March for 7 days, now on oxygen at night only. Portable oxygen – doctor removed, I take that as a good thing. I have a concern. After my release from... READ MORE

By probbo - June 23, 2017
I was diagnosed with COPD about 8 years ago, but I am sure I have had this terrible disease longer. I started smoking at an early age, thinking like most of us... READ MORE

By bunnymusic60 - June 19, 2017
I was diagnosed with severe COPD in 2001 and spent 8 days in the hospital. They gave me oxygen but I’d heard about a pulmonary rehab program at NY Presbyterian. Since they... READ MORE