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Has anyone else experienced severe tremors while taking COPD medication? I have sever tremors that affect my hands and arms.

Casper’s Journey

My journey (COPD) Have I started this alone it would have been easier For care then, behold neither and

Mental health

Hi, my background is I’m severe copd emphysema stage 4 @15% lung function, I been hospitalized 24 times since my


I am almost 69 years old. Inhaled lots of second hand smoke as a child, but never smoked. Not even

My dad

Just joined this forum. My dad has stage 4 COPD with 24/7 oxygen. Lately things seem to be getting worse

Imagine The Night

It’s Saturday night…I’m sitting on a leather recliner, listening to “Shifting Sand Wreck Ships” by Lights Out Asia. It’s my