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Doctor Knows Best?

Recently I changed doctors. At suggestion of primary care physician, I called for second opinion to a pulmonologist he recommended.

Becoming Housebound

Progression of COPD now has me 95% housebound in spite of max medications and consistent exercise. Weight loss from breathing


Just found out that I have COPD – 57yr old female. I’m having a real hard time sleeping and would

So Tired

I am on my 13th year with COPD. It has gone from each year becoming a little more difficult to

Bad timing

I have been treated for sinus issues ever since we moved to Kentucky. This last year was terrible weather due

Action Plan

HI folks Just got home from hospital where I learned after having receive emergency I.V. and inhaler facemask to inhale

Stomach Pay

I was diagnosed four years ago with my specialist stating the onset was sudden and advanced. I have been hospitalized


I started having spasms ,and constant pain in my back and ribs , so bad that it hurt to stand

New Member

I have copd and was on Spiriva for about a year and did not do well. Told my doctor it