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By Maggieg - January 16, 2017
My name is Sharyn Goodwin and I have COPD. Have had it a long time. The doctor says I have stage 4. I do quite well getting around but my worst time... READ MORE

By peanut - January 13, 2017
My experience with COPD was over ten years ago with a wonderful guy I met in west Texas. At that time he was diagnosed with asthma. When I would hear him cough... READ MORE

By Bdoggett - January 12, 2017
I submitted a story before about realizing that I wasn’t the only one experiencing cramping under my rib cage. I have been studying the subject and found that magnesium and calcium may... READ MORE

By CathyinMB - January 10, 2017
Hello everybody, my name is Cathy and I live in beautiful South Carolina. I’m 55 now so I’ve lived with emphysema for a while. I had lung reduction surgery on both lungs... READ MORE

By bobm - January 4, 2017
I’m 78 – well, 79 this month. I was diagnosed years ago and have had more shortness of breath lately since I had a flare-up a few weeks ago. I’m trying to... READ MORE

By my6grandsons - January 4, 2017
My insurance company doesn’t even sell any COPD meds, it’s express scripts, if I order at Walmart or a local drugstore it’s too expensive to buy so I go without. My doctor... READ MORE

By KyRon - January 4, 2017
I am a 66-year-old male that has COPD and when I get really short of breath and stressed I lose control of my bowels. Is this a common problem with COPD?

By 1ayort0 - January 3, 2017
I have emphysema. 3 months ago my COPD went from taking meds to feel better to nothing was helping. I was put on oxygen at night. Still no help so 2 weeks... READ MORE

By kenmort - January 3, 2017
I have lots of mucus and coughing in the morning (and, sometimes vomiting). I have found a solution that helps to get me to the point where I am comfortable. When I... READ MORE

By Hunbun - January 3, 2017
I am 65 and have been told I only have 40% lung function. I’ve had bloating and three rib cramps and like so many others the doctors can’t explain why. It sure... READ MORE