New to COPD

I was diagnosed about 6 months ago. I didn't have a lot of problems at first. Then I started getting a fever and headaches. This went on for about 10 days and I went to the Emergency room. They admitted me. Diagnosis 1. Acute respiratory failure with hypoxia 2. COPD exacerbation. They kept me for 5 days. I have been home one week. Seems like I am not getting well very quickly.

How do you cope?

I am doing all the breathing treatments and exercises. I can't sleep at night more than a few hours. I am still on the steroids and weaning off. I am not on oxygen and do pretty well. 88 most of the time. Drops in the AM to 70's, but I can bring it up with exercises. My doctor is not much help. I get depressed because I watched my Dad die from this. And I could not do much. It seems like we are on our own. I just would like to know how others deal with this.

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