To stop smoking - a suggestion for what it is worth

I smoked for perhaps 40 years. I had been thinking about stopping but had no real willpower to do so.

What worked for me

For me, the key was being very busy. I was rebuilding/renovating a French farmhouse that was 200 years old and had not been touched for 250! You can imagine the state it was in and one day, I was up a ladder on the wall at perhaps 90+ degrees and asked my wife to buy the patches and then I put one on, still up the ladder!

That night I changed the patch and for two days had one new full patch daily. After that, it was a half patch (one cut in half) daily. From then it was full patches left on for two days - that for two weeks and then half patches, each for two weeks and then nothing. That was about 1998. Yes. I did have (that I recall) two nightmares when I thought I was smoking again.

Staying busy

The really important element was that I was doing hard physical labour for at least 12 hours a day, then eating, having a shower, and then straight to bed for a couple of months after. No time to even think about having a cigarette.


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