Last updated: September 2023

My 1st time posting. Thank you for the opportunity. I have come to discover COPD is underrated. I started smoking at 16. That was 1963 when they said it would stunt your growth. Spent a big portion of my life working on farms...breathing hay charge, grain dust and the like. Joined the USAF in 1977 and stayed until 1984, the last two years sitting in a maintenance shop in remote Alaska drinking coffee and smoking. I got really good at smoking. From 1975 until 2014 I was doing 3 packs a day...Camels, Chesterfield, all the nonfiltered ones.

Things started to change

It got to the point where I couldn't sleep because of coughing and hacking. Kept my wife awake. She finally told me either I quit or I have to move out. We came to a compromise, and I started vaping. My breathing improved GREATLY until...2018.
I was scheduled to have Rotator Cuff surgery in September, but I got what I thought was my yearly bout of bronchitis. My doctor gave me Zmyacin. Sorta got better, but in November my wife took me to the ER at 3 AM because I couldn't breathe. Spent 7 days on a Prednisone IV, then was discharged with a script for another 15 day regimen of oral Prednisone, Albuterol etc. In January, I tried to go back to work. Foolish! I was forced to retire.. didn't want to.

My outlook

Long story short, I walk from the couch to the bathroom and I am out of breath. I do go out and mow the lawn on a riding mower, but even that is getting harder to do. Since May, I have split and stacked about 22 cord of fire wood...with help from my 2 boys. I want to stay active but, well, you know.I have been blessed (or not) with a short term outlook. I wake up in the morning, and just do what I can. I have recently gotten into VA care. I get all my meds through them and am getting a wheel chair next week for the visits to the doctor and hospital. Probably more I could say but...
Thanks for the opportunity!

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