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Introducing my COPD journey

First time post. March 2023 I had picked up some kind of bug which led to a full blown exacerbation that landed me in the emergency room. Doctors wanted to admit me, but I refused because I knew I wouldn't be able to smoke for those days. I know...pretty stupid. I'll be turning 68 this year, and have been smoking for 55 years. Started as a punk kid of 13. Still smoking, and oddly enough still enjoy it.

Receiving a diagnosis

Primary care doctor referred me to have a Pulmonary Function Test and recommended a Pulmonologist. Stage 4 COPD diagnosis. On Trelegy, Albuteral Inhalers, and have a nebulizer. Both home oxygen concentrator and portable. Life changed quickly.

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What led me to this website was one of those days where I was feeling down. COPD quickly reduces you to being totally useless. Even the simplest task becomes overwhelming. I've been avoiding showering for 3 days now, knowing how breathless I become, even while wearing my oxygen. I currently have a cold which makes things worse. Having to wear my oxygen fulltime. Does anyone else experience what I can best describe as mini-exacerbations? Admittedly, I get that panic feeling that the next breath won't come or I'll just drop to the floor dead.

Trouble is, I realize things will only get worse.

Apologize for such a pitiful introduction. It's just I've always been proud that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. It's difficult adjusting to the fact that now I can't accomplish anything without assistance from my wife and kids. In future posts, I'll try to be more upbeat... I promise. :)

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