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Ribcage cramps and spasms

Hi, I have been having these for a few years and they are getting worse it seems. Closer to get having them or lasting longer. I don't have a pulmonologist to see anymore because he never heard anything I had to say , all he would do prescribe an inhaler (one only) that all his patients use and tell me if I didn't smoke this wouldn't of happened. Needless to say I don't see him anymore. The ER doctors and my primary Dr just blow me off like I'm on drugs or don't know what I'm talking about.

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Still learning

I don't take any medication daily I only use an inhaler or neb treatment as I feel I need it. Never been taught anything about my COPD emphysema since I was diagnosed June 2019 when my lung collapsed. I have weird stuff happening to me and greatly appreciate this forum and blog. I have learned more from here and know now that I'm not alone with the things that are happening to me. Just typing this I have ribcage spasm coming on. So just want to say THANK YOU ALL.

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