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Acute Kidney Damage, COVID, Pneumonia, Sepsis

I was admitted to the hospital with body cramps and swollen hands and feet, while in hospital it was discovered I had acute kidney damage due to low sodium levels, it was then I caught COVID which led to pneumonia and then sepsis, I was in hospital goal 3 weeks.

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Sent home

I was discharged with antibiotics, and that was it. I was still positive when I came home for a further 5 days; since then, I've had a continuous productive cough which is white/’s really exhausting. I’m now trying to do a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course. My 2nd week now, and it’s a struggle...the cough is embarrassing and exhausting so other than rehab, Im not leaving my house. It’s getting me down and is depressing at times. I'm female aged 77, any advise appreciated.

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