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Julie's story

Hello, my name is Julie I am a smoker I do have COPD emphysema and I have three nodules on my lungs.

Trying to quit smoking

I have severe pain in my back I used to be 360 lbs and I have lost 160. I thought that would help with the back pain but it does not, wow it really does hurt and I'm trying to quit smoking. I have some patches ordered, please wish me luck, prayers. I'm married and I've been married 30-something years, happily married just got to quit smoking but it's the hardest thing I ever had to do.

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Finding support

My life depends on it, I have two grandsons they're my joy and I want to be healthy for them. I just hope I can do this it's hard I'm hoping that this is a good support group that could help support people. I need that because I do not have any friends thank you for listening, Julie.

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