My COPD life

Hello my name is Keith and I am a 51-year-old male with a partner and 2 kids. A girl who is 26 and a boy who is 20 years old. I was diagnosed with COPD about 4 years ago but didn't worry or think too much about it because it didn't really affect my day-to-day life.

Things changed

But 6 months ago, I had a CT scan and saw a lung doctor soon afterwards. He told me that I had permanent lung damage and if I didn't give up smoking it wouldn't bode well for me. So I gave up smoking and had another CT scan and another appointment two days ago.I've been on O2 now for the last few weeks. I have an O2 maker in the house(I don't know the name of the machine) and bottles for when I leave the house. I was only really using the 02 when I was struggling to breathe, which was every time I physically exerted myself. So at my appointment with the lung doctor a few days ago, he told me I had stage 4 COPD and emphysema.

Finding support

Needless to say he frightened the @#$% out of me. So I found this site and am happy to be able to read people's stories and how they are coping and learning to live with COPD and to know that I can reach out to like-minded people who know what i'm going through at the moment. To be honest, there are times when I'm scared of what's to come in the future, but having a place where I can share my burden will certainly help

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