Exacerbations - what do they feel like for me

I was replying to a topic I just read! What do these exacerbations feel like- I was just released from Hospital on another diagnosis about four days ago. I visited my PCP Doctor who is also my Pulmonary Doctor - actually I saw his Nurse Practitioner. I was fine - I guess lungs as clear as they could be, with little wheezing. Next day, Saturday I had somewhere to go, did go but was pushing self. Coming home I was not feeling well, but said nothing to anyone. Continued to push self putting things away from previous Hospital stay. Couple hours everything seemed to catch up with me all at once.

Is this an exacerbation?

I did my nebulizer treatment and other meds. Nothing worked. Left crying and short of breath. Simply could not breathe!! Was having an anxiety attack also, by the way - is that common? Called 911 was taken to ER. Put on IV and given Prednisone and was admitted after observing me throughout the night. Kept 3 days. Now full of Prednisone and feeling better somewhat. Want to keep out of Hospitals for now. This particular exacerbation came on very sudden. Wondering what caused it?

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