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By Derek Cummings - August 18, 2017
I have written much over the last decade about COPD, and my personal fight with it, how it is possible to improve our lives despite our illness, and of the immense value... READ MORE

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3 Answers Submitted By HOPS - August 15, 2017

I see a lot of people who believe that stem cell therapy for COPD is a viable option. All the professionals I talk to say the procedure is of no use and… READ MORE

3 Answers Submitted By larrya - July 31, 2017

I have trouble trimming my toenails. Is there some place I can go and have it done for me or any other helpful answers?

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By Neen - August 17, 2017
Hi Everybody, I’m new here and I’m glad this site is here. My issue is my breathing. I stopped smoking March 20, 2017 after smoking for almost 50 years. My doctor said... READ MORE

By jsielke - August 1, 2017
I started smoking in my teens, and finally quit in 1981 at age 37. I never had any shortness of breath until after I retired. One evening in 2005, I went upstairs... READ MORE

By pmartucci - July 24, 2017
I am a 71 year old woman and have had this disease since 1992. It started off slow and over the years got worse – all due to smoking. The past 2... READ MORE

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