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By Janet Plank - September 21, 2017
The last thing that I want to tell a group of people is that I’m overweight. I’m not just overweight, I’m obese. I’ve been dieting for years. Looking back, I have been... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - September 20, 2017
Managing symptoms of COPD is difficult enough, but emotional and mental challenges can also arise. Often, people aren’t just coping with one chronic condition, but several, and it can have a negative... READ MORE

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By snowofwinter17 - September 1, 2017
I am a 66 year old woman. I smoked for years now, doctor tells me I have COPD. Still trying to get used to this. I cry a lot – to me... READ MORE

By GLD - August 28, 2017
Having COPD, I’m on four on my oxygen concentrator and two at night. Have tried many different inhalers ending up in the donut hole. Now my doctor has me on two different... READ MORE

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