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Smells setting off COPD flare ups

Hi, I’ve always had a sensitive nose but lately certain smells have caused me to have flare ups. Cologne Perfume Smoke and even the change of environment ie:coming from outside to inside.. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

  1. Smells never used to bother me but I have become very sensitive to them. Neighbors and their fire pits are starting up now. Even though I have central air, the smell still seems to get in. The smell of cigarettes is the worst for me now. I never thought I would be saying that! I hope you’re doing well and warm wishes!

    Carol (moderator)

    1. , I totally understand and yes, I experience it too.
      My husband had a basement window open for a couple of nights, I knew my allergies had been triggered from the other day. Last night I told my husband I felt like an exacerbation was triggered. My meds and nebs seem to be holding things at bay, so I’m being careful.
      We were watching tv last night and I got excited over something, it knocked the air right out off me. Rescue inhaler was handy and did help. Thankfully I had done nebs less than 30 minutes before.
      People wearing scents can’t come in, it’s too hard to get @rid of the scent.
      Know that you aren’t alone. There are many with similar reactions and flares.
      We are here for you.
      Janet (site moderator/ Team)

      1. You are not alone in this. Here is an article on our site that you might find helpful: Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a lovely Sunday. - John M. ( Team)

        1. Thank you for sharing this article here.

        2. You're welcome! Thank YOU for being part of our community 😀 - John M. ( Team)

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