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COPD Learnings

What is something YOU didn't know about COPD that you have since learned?

  1. Why do I have to have ultrasound on my lower belly?

    1. ultrasounds are used to detect a number of different things. Did your doctor happen to give you a reason for why they ordered the test or if they are concerned about something related to your COPD? Best, Sam S. (COPD team).

  2. It gets worse very quickly.

    1. The ultrasound person said it was just a precautionary measure.

      1. Hi Tom, and thanks for responding and clarifying what you were told. The ultrasound may have been ordered based on your general medical history, which includes COPD. Once the results are reported to your physician, you may want to speak with the doctor further for a more complete analysis. What do you think?
        Leon L (author/moderator)

    2. Have another one scheduled in January. Thanks for the tip. Will ask the doctor what she found out. Thanks again.

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