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Red Wine

I’m wondering if drinking red wine will produce more phlegm and mucous, especially for those of us with emphysema.

  1. it does seem to for me…. In moderation it’s fine but if I have a big session with friends I get increased phlegm and mucus for 24-48 hours after.

    1. With moderation, no. I found no negativities, but IDK to others.

      1. Thank you Alesandra. This is very helpful and affirming. I too hope others will add to the conversation.

        1. Hey ! Excellent question. This article from our contributor Kevin may give you some more insight around red wine with COPD: I hope this helps! I'd love to hear what what others in our community say, too, around drinking red wine. Hopefully some folks will chime in on this thread! -Alesandra ( Team)

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