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Hey, it's COPD not COVID-19!

Don't you just hate it when you have COPD, have to wear a mask and then cough behind the mask due to rebreathing your CO2?
Someone should design a mask that says...
HEY, IT'S COPD NOT COVID19, OK? Maybe then you would not get those strange fearful looks from others!

  1. Hi again, GTaylor, and thanks for your comment. Generally speaking, I rarely have issues wearing any kind of mask (surgical, N-95, or even cloth). Often, in my profession (respiratory therapist), I have to keep a mask on throughout most of the day in the hospital.
    There are occasions, however, when the mask does seem to provide a bit of a challenge keeping it on. The heat, the close confines and even the small space behind the mask which you described. What I find works for me in these situations is, following an inhalation, I exhale through pursed lips and direct the exhaled breath downwards. That way, my next breath (in) is not affected by the exhaled breath which I just expelled.
    Do you think this might work for you?
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

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