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Im new here (62) and have stage 4 COPD, Emphysema and an assortment of other ailments, nice to see people who can still do things with their COPD, walking, stairs, etc. I have a tough time, this year is the worst.

  1. Good morning world ,I was diagnosed on the 6th of October with COPD. It came as a bit of a shock to be honest and it still is. The first thing I insisted on was an exercise bike. I had all good intentions of the world to jump on it and Get peddling. However I can only do a kilometre of time before my legs start aching and my pulse rate shoots up like a rocket. It’s the most boring thing in the world to do I need some sort of virtual headset so I can imagine that I’m biking through Wales or the Peak District, not looking at all my cats I’ve collected over the years that are really dusty, I know I should do more housework but what’s a bit of dust.🤣
    I try to keep as active as I can but I get really tired that I can’t do what are used to do,
    Well done on the 8 mins on the treadmill , I’m jealous 👍

    1. Thank you for stopping by! First, please know that you are not alone in your journey. We are here for you. I admire your courage in sharing your story and also in continuing to exercise. Wishing you all the best in your journey 😀 - John M. ( Team)

  2. yea I feel for I'm 60 have emphazema,copd,I get winded just walking,stairs are brutal carrying groceries,anything phiscial,my o2 level between 94and98,I'm not on o2,Dr wants to have ct scan,check for lung cancer,my x ray didn't show anything just emphazema

    1. Glad I found this forum ,

      1. , we are so glad you found it too, we appreciate you, and we hope you will continue to share with us! ~Melanie (team member)

    2. Great reply Melanie ,I'm in Australia I have COPD emphases I'm 68yrs old ,this has all come on me last few yrs unfortunately ,IV noticed I'm getting body jerks or jumps usually every afternoon when I'm relaxing have you heard of this?all my dr says is probably nerves!! It's really annoying on top of everything else that comes with this disease thanks.take care

      1. Im 59 And Stage 4.I Started Body Jerks At Night My Whole Body Jerked.They Finalky Just Started Easing Off I Hardly Have Them Now But It Lasted Several Months But Doctors Couldnt Tell Me Why I Was Having Them They Looked At Me Like I Was Stupid.

      2. yes that sounds like what U have,usually when I'm relaxing doesn't happen when I'm driving ,luckily!seems to happen most days u wonder if my meds may cause them thanks take care

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