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When the FDA approves a covid vaccine, I will consider one, however so far they have not done so. According to the scientific site linked below, current c vid vaccines are “EXPERIMENTAL (emphasis added) EUA treatments,” which means they are not yet proven, nor approved by the FDA. EUA stands for Emergency Use Authorization.

This is well known among scientists. Here I am citing two clinical researchers at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research who established a 200-person COVID-19 Clinical Trial Unit (CCTU) at the Feinstein Institutes to conduct controlled clinical trials to study the safety and efficacy of experimental COVID-19 therapies.

In an article on their website, the two researchers point out that “The EUA means it is “reasonable to believe” that the drug ‘MAY BE EFFECTIVE' (emphasis added). This ‘may be effective’ standard is a MUCH LOWER LEVEL OF EVIDENCE (emphasis added) compared to the “effectiveness” standard the FDA uses for product approvals. . .

The scientists continue "The (EUA) status can be revoked at any time, and such products have to be subjected to rigorous RCTs before receiving long-term FDA approval. What needs to be done now is to sort through the existing treatment options to determine which ones really work."

In other words, we do not yet know if they work. For your well-being and the well-being of those who have received the experimental vaccine, I truly hope it does work.

melaniem? HI Melanie, I followed your link and read this: As of January 2021, the FDA has approved 2 COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use in the United States. At a .science link I found this about the Emergency Use Authorization: “The EUA means it is “reasonable to believe” that the drug ‘MAY BE EFFECTIVE." None of the available ones have been approved by the FDA.

  1. I got my first vaccine Sunday, I haven't had any problems

    1. Hi corbetsue12, and thanks for letting us know. It's now been 4 days, so you may not see any issues at this point. Glad to hear this went smoothly for you!
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. This is very interesting to read, thank you for sharing.

    1. I am not about to rush out and get one either, and I can now. I have been very lucky with my health this last year as I have two sons that work in grocery stores. I have not been sick since the end of 2019, not even a sniffle. And I have other health issues than COPD. They can keep that vaccine!

      1. , thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here! I know you referenced my reply to another thread where you shared some of these thoughts: I hear that you are uncomfortable getting the vaccine in these unusual circumstances in which it has been released, and I can totally appreciate that. We appreciate you sharing your thought process with us and we are glad to you took the time to post. Warmly, Melanie (team member)

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