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Has anyone here gotten the COVID vaccine?

Hi. Has anyone with severe COPD emphysema gotten the COVID vaccine yet?. I’m suppose to get one but I’m so scared.

  1. - I have - two vaccinations-no side effects.

    1. Hi Missycat, and thanks for sharing your experience here with the community!
      We appreciate your input.
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. I received both shots of Pfizer Vaccine -- No side effects.

    1. Hi again, Audrey, and thanks for sharing your own experience with the vaccination. glad to hear you had no side effects.
      We appreciate your input and your feedback!
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  3. I got the Pfizer. Neither one hurt.
    My sister, brother-in-law, niece and 14yo great nephew all complained of pain.
    I severed the tendons in the back of my left hand 45 years ago and destroyed my left knee 12 years ago. I may have a different threshold for pain than others. 😉

    Seriously, it's like any other injection.

    1. Hi Glenn, and thanks for joining in here and sharing your own personal experience with the vaccination. We appreciate you sharing the experience of your family as well.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  4. I was extremely anxious to get the vacine back in Jan. arm was a little bit sore, thats it. Im feeling greatful. I do not wand Covid

    1. Hi again, jeanne, and thanks for sharing your own experience receiving the vaccination with the community. We appreciate your input.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

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