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The Importance of COPD Awareness

*GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED* Why is COPD awareness important to you? What should others know about COPD?

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  1. Because before I got COPD I never thought of it as a serious illness. But wow was I ever wrong I have had some serious problems with my breathing ever since I was diagnosed with it. If you smoke stop why continue to do damage to your lungs, it is not fun being on oxygen your life changes for ever. Not to mention when you get sick take care of yourself early in life you will not regret it.

    1. Hi, I’ve had COPD for 5+ years. I think I’m doing well until I’m not. The shortness of breath really gets to me. Difficult to walk. Boy, I sound so negative. I always had PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. I apologize if my complaints are hard to read. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

  2. Hi djs, and thanks for telling your story here. You've certainly come to the right place - this community understands completely what you are going through and knows how you feel!

    We appreciate you lending your support and encouragement here for others. We also value you sharing your specific experiences and point-of-view when it comes to the management of COPD, smoking, and taking care of ourselves.

    Please know you are always welcome here!

    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. COOD has changed my life. Simple chores are no longer simple. I sleep a lot and still, am fatigued. I can't do things that I used to enjoy without having difficulty breathing. My home and work are suffering because of this awful condition. Let us educate others on how COPD can define your life in ways you never thought of.

      1. Hi kdwood, and thank you for joining in this conversation You are definitely not alone as others in our community have also spoken to the level of fatigue that affects them with COPD.

        One of our goals in this community is to promote awareness of the condition. The more folks know about COPD the better for all of us!

        You may be aware that November is "COPD Awareness Month'. This is just one of the many publications we have on our site for promotion:

        We appreciate both your input and your feedback.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. I was diagnosed 5 years ago I have never heard of COPD and when I read more about it to be honest I did not know what to expect, my life expectancy, how fast will this progress, how and what do I do to help control my condition. Through a lot of research and talking with a friend who is a respiratory therapist it help me realize that I can still do a lot of things that I was already doing and there are times or days that I cannot do what I want to do due to the weather etc. I try to get people to understand that this disease has no cure and that many people in their own lives may have it without knowing it. Educating people about the disease and having them understand that there is no know cure and all we can do in our lives having COPD is to manage it the best that we can and to understand that we will have days that we are not feeling well and we will work, we will do the things that we need to do but it may take a little more time than normal. It is important to me because I realize how precious life is and we need to live it the best that we can in the time that we have with this disease. Thankful for my wife and friends that do understand and try to make sure that I am ok when I am not doing well.

      1. Hello kazooblue65! It sounds like you have made a good adjustment of living life with COPD and managing it.

        Knowledge about the disease is half the battle, along with educating our loved ones.

        Thank you so much for adding to the conversation.

        Warm wishes always...
        Carol (moderator)

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