two graphic faces showing symptoms of COPD other than difficulty breathing, such as fatigue, brain fog, and depression

Not Just Difficulty Breathing! COPD Awareness Month 2020

November marks COPD Awareness Month. Now more than ever, let's bring awareness to what it's like to live with a chronic lung condition like chronic bronchitis and emphysema! We can inform others what life COPD is really like.

This year, we’re all about making your voice heard and letting others know this disease goes far beyond just difficulty breathing. Below, we’ve got tools for connecting and making the most of COPD awareness.

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Until November 30th, you can enter our Dinner's on Us Giveaway. You could win up to $75 for meals of your choosing!

To enter, let us know what you think others should know about COPD or why you think COPD awareness is important on a thread in our Forums section.

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Share your story

Spread COPD awareness by sharing your personal story with us. How did you feel getting diagnosed? What was the process like? How has your life changed since your diagnosis?

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Do you feel that COPD gets enough awareness? What would you like to share with others about your COPD? Join the discussion and tell us in our forums section!

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Not just difficulty breathing!

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