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Do spring and summer allergies increase your COPD symptoms?

Does anyone find that the spring and summer allergies increase their COPD symptoms?

Since having pneumonia in Feb of this year, I’ve noticed my hayfever symptoms worsen along with my COPD…I’ve felt unwell most of the time and am feeling really upset…Any advice would be greatly appreciated….Thanks!

Community Answers
  • Janet Plank moderator
    12 months ago

    Hi Calan3
    That is something that I experience.
    Have you talked with your doctor to see what he or she would say, or diagnose regarding this? I would be interested in knowing what you find out.
    I hope that you get some relief soon.
    Alesandra posted a link for you that has very good information.
    I hope you have a breathe-easy night/day.
    Janet (site moderator)

  • Alesandra Bevilacqua moderator
    12 months ago

    Hey Calan3! Thanks for your question. The change of seasons, especially spring and summer, can definitely be a trigger for you COPD. This may be an insightful article for you to read, as it includes other community members experiences with seasons: I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well! Have you spoken to your doctor about your symptoms yet? I’m hoping you can find some rest and relief soon. Warmly, Alesandra ( Team)

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