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Community Feedback: Managing Changing Seasons

Depending on where you live, the months of April and May mean spring weather – the transition between harsh winter and humid summer. And October means fall. In many ways, those months can be enjoyable - the weather quite mild. But in other ways, those months can bring with them the worst parts of summer and winter combined.

When we polled you in the community about which season you found most difficult to manage, the results were split between summer and winter. How about you:

This was consistent with the feedback we received during our recent community question:

I can do Spring and Fall fine, it's hot and humid and cold I have a problem with. Summer in mostly inside with the a/c and Winter it's inside with the heat on

• Humidity and cold is the enemy. I certainly enjoy the 70 degree days sitting outside on the porch. If it gets to hot/cold it's inside looking out...

• I just try to stay in the air conditioning. Here in Florida, the humidity is crushing and I really have trouble breathing when I go out.

• Humidity, which is the norm for Ohio in spring and summer, tears me up. I stay in the air conditioning on those days. Likewise bitter cold isn't good either so I stay in on those days too

• The minute the humidity begins, I'm a prisoner for the summer. I do well in the Fall, Winter and early Spring.

•  Just when you get adjusted to seasonal changes its time to change again! COPDd is definitely not boring

• In Missouri, the weather changes every day this time of the year. I’ll be in the house til the weather decides it is spring.

• I try to stay cool. I can't breath if I get to hot.

With COPD, extreme weather changes can be a significant trigger. The heat and humidity of summer can cause fatigue, lethargy and difficulty breathing. But the frigid cold of winter can make your lungs feel like dry ice. Both seasons can leave you hibernating inside, clutching the AC or heating unit.

But for two seasons – spring and fall – the weather tends to be more mild, making it more manageable to go outside and enjoy.

So how do you combat these extreme seasons each year?

Moving to a new location seems unrealistic – it’s easier said than done once you’ve settled – but it can be so annoying to be stuck inside for half the year!

Below is a compilation of articles from our contributors, experts and editorial team providing tips and strategies for managing the bitter cold of winter and the humid warmth of summer:

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How about you? Do you have any other clever tricks or approaches for easing the extreme weather changes? Feel free to share in our comment section, or on our Facebook page to keep the conversation going!

And a huge thanks to all of you who shared your experiences!

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