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what to use for an inhaler after Symbicort is allergic?

Used bromides for years and started getting thrush and other side effects and now being prescribed anoro or trelegy! which is no better, any ideas?

  1. After trying several different inhalers my dr prescribed ProAir which seems to be working with the least side effects. I still have trouble with losing my voice but not as severe as using the others. Keep trying the different ones…we’re all different so what works for one might not be perfect for another. I use Budesonide and Albuterol in a nebulizer also

    1. can I ask what side effects you when taking Symbacort? Because, I'm headaches and pain above my eye and dizziness. thank you.

      1. I use Breztri inhaler. Two puffs in the morning and two puffs at night. You have to rinse your mouth out or you may get thrush. But it works great for me. If your insurance will pay for it. It is very expensive.

        1. Hi Wayne, and thanks for your post. You've posed a good question. If I understand you correctly, you were using Symbicort but became allergic to it. As you are aware, Symbicort is comprised of two medications - an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS), budesonide, and a long acting beta agonist (LABA), formoterol. If this was working for you, and now, but you now find that ANORO and Trelegy have not been effective for you, you may want to discuss the next possible alternatives with your prescribing physician. There are many new products on the market today, and the doctor may be able to prescribe one that is more beneficial for you.
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          Leon (site moderator

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