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What can I do to take my mind off smoking

I'm going to attempt to stop smoking with patches and gum.I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on what to do when I get the craving to smoke to take my mind off it.

  1. Hi. Great question. And it will be neat hearing what tips other community members have for you. This is a topic I discuss with my patients when coaching them about quitting smoking. The most important thing to remember is that cravings are only temporary: they will pass. The goal now is to find something to do to distract yourself from the craving. So, what can you do? One thing we teach is to plan ahead and think of what you will do in these situations. I know many of my patients go for a walk (if they are able) -- that gets you away from the house and away from the craving. It kind of helps you to reset your mind. Or you could read a book. Or you could call a friend or talk to your spouse or loved one. I know others who like to take a slow, deep breath to calm your mind and to exhale very slowly -- or some other similar way of relaxing. These are just some ideas. Good luck .John. community moderator.

    1. Hi, I recently quit and I know what you are talking about. One thing I found that helps is to play a game on the phone. It keeps your hands occupied and your attention on something else. Having a small snack can also help. Try to defeat the craving by reminding yourself how bad smoking is and the horrible things it can do to you. That also has helped me a lot. I wish you much luck and you can do it!

      1. thank you.Thanks to you all for your tips.

      2. Hi CM58322c, and thanks for lending your own support and encouragement here. We also appreciate you sharing your own personal experiences managing this disease and the distractions that may help one to quit smoking.
        Congratulations to you - having quit smoking recently! Keep up the good work!
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. I stopped smoking on Xmas Eve 2022 after smoking for 50 years and several unsuccessful attempts, I had flu which turned into pneumonia and couldn't breathe, terrifying. I am in UK and used a nicorette inhalator - I still use this at times without a cartridge now, it's the hand to mouth thing! For me it was getting through the first three days then it got easier as I could say to myself I've done a whole day so I can do another. Something to occupy you, I knit, a lot of men are learning this nowadays. I started writing with a notebook and pen, poems, short stories to distract me. I still have my fag rolling paraphernalia, but leave it in the car if you have one, go for a walk without them and put yourself in situations where you can't smoke. It is the hardest thing I have ever done and never thought I could but I have, you will do it . The fact you are posting on hear shows you are thinking about it a lot, good luck and don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day. My breathing is so much better for it.

      1. My husband and I quit together and we picked a date, not to quit , but when we would buy our last pack. We thought the weekend we were watching our grandkids it would be over, We never smoked around them so it seemed like a good time.
        When the kids left that Sunday after a weekend of not smoking, my husband thought we were done, but I said, I saved two , want one? God yes, he said. We were both taking chantix so it wasn't the jolt we were thinking of. Not missing much.
        I really hope they come up with a replacement for chantix that doesn't have all the side effects we never had. For two weeks I smoked and felt like a nonsmoker must, this is stinky, why am I doing this, this hurts my lungs, this makes my walls yellow, ,maybe another puff and I'll get it, whhhh, nope.
        I'm sorry to talk about something not on the market anymore, but maybe the drug companies might read this . It saved my life and maybe my husbands

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