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Use of prednisone or methylprednisole

I can use these once in awhile with a flare up. Using the 15 day starting at 32mg day for 3 days, then 24 for 3 days etc. My flare ups are more often now so my pulmonologist put me on 4mg daily which doesn’t work at all. Has anyone used either of the above daily at any mg?

  1. Honestly, I'd go to my doctor if I feel like it doesn't work. Medication for this usually takes a while.

    1. Maxie,
      Prednisone has been a life saver for me. I have a love/hate relationship with it. The only time I use it is when I feel like it may keep me out of the hospital. I have filled prescriptions for both that you mentioned. It just depends on how much I haven’t been able to get control with other stuff-like rest and nebulizer treatments. When I start a course, I always call my Doctor’s office and make an appt for next available,usually a month away. Prednisone is scary stuff never”just take it”

      1. My pulmonologist gave me prednisone that I can use if I have an exacerbation. I take 20 mg tablets daily for five days. It gets rid of the shortness of breath quickly, and saturation goes up so that I can double the exercise without having to stop and rest. The PFT tests don't show asthma, but it's suspected. I try to only use it every six weeks or more when the SOB is keeping me home, and isolated. This last time I took 10 mg of prednisone instead of the 20 mg. I took those for six days. I was able to put double the steps on my fitbit, and got up to 8,000 steps one day. I think the less prednisone the better, but will confirm that at my next doctor's visit.

        I don't understand why it makes a difference. I have moderate-severe emphysema, and weather changes are a trigger that cause things to fluctuate often. I have very fair skin, and the prednisone has caused it to be very thin. I don't know how harmful the infrequent dose I'm taking is. I've become such a hypochondriac!!

        1. I'm sure you'll get other responses from people that have been on a steroid, but thought I'd put in my two cents.
          What you describe is common as a means of maintenance for COPD. The dosage is variable for each person. At first it may not seem like it's doing much, but over time it should make a difference. How long has it been? Obviously the lower the dose the better - but you certainly want it to work. If it seems like it's just not doing what it should, speak to your doctor and they can up the dose if needed.
          Keep us posted.
          Lyn (COPD site moderator)

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