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Unseen Aspects of COPD

What is something others might not recognize or see about COPD but you want them to know?

  1. I was shocked to find out that you can lose control of your bladder when you get to out of breath.

    1. My nose does no longer smell odors like it used to. Very embarrassing. Not like there is not enough out there with having COPD but COPD seems to add some ackward happenings to the mix.

    2. When oxygen saturation is low, the body goes into a survivor mode, so to speak. The brain basically sends a message to the other organs to slow down in order to protect the heart. Both the bladder and the bowel are immediately impacted by low O2 saturation. It can make for extremely embarrassing situations! My best to you, Becky (moderator)

  2. That my symtoms are real. Not fake.

    1. Is it me, or are there huge groups of people out there that just "know it all, NOT! They do not know how to treat open wounds, COPD, O2 equipment, (And one is using O2 as well as me. not COPD as far as I can find out. I mention to management and get told to mind my own business. If truth be known management does not know the first thing about O2 proper use, etc. Makes one a bit nervous at times here in the elder care home where I live. No one is instructed in proper use of a walker such as using the brakes when walker is parked, not getting up off a wheelchair with no brakes on, or getting onto a wheelchair with no brakes set, on. 2 broken hips brake related seems to not be a problem. Oh well, I just live here. Adios, Thomas

    2. Hello Thomas! I have worked in many Senior living communities over the years- and the one thing I know- is that good care is HARD to come by!
      Every state has Senior Advocates- often called Ombudsman's that are assigned to each facility and several that assist within each county in each state- that you can reach out to to discuss concerns pertaining to care standards, treatment within every nursing home, assisted living, and skilled nursing care facility. You can reach out to your local Health Department- or search online for the contact info to report your concerns anonymously.. or with your contact info.
      I hope that you find some way to get your voice heard in a way that will make a difference for you and those that may be experiencing sub par care- and don't know how to speak up. Stay Safe!
      Be Well,
      COPD Caregiver Julie

  3. Your symptoms are REAL. When there is a misunderstanding about that, you must advocate for yourself and set them straight. It may be time to start eliminating some people from your inner circle so you can make room for those that can comfort you. Don't back down because your symptoms are REAL. Barbara Moore (moderator)

    1. I hope your appointment goes well for you. Remember to tell your doctor that you don't have a caregiver and ask if he can offer any support for you. Have a safe, bereatheasy weekend. Barbara Moore (author)

    2. I used to be a police officer. It was a problem at times when the man expected his wife to do as he told her and ask no questions. The man above probably learned from his father and possibly grandfather also about just where the woman (women) of the house are to be placed. Now give that man a little sliver in the hand and he may yell and grumble for hours. I cannot understand how a man can feel he is Superior to his mate and think he is in love at the same time. They believe only what suits them. When the man or the woman is so one sided it is very difficult to get the support that is needed for the other. SAD for sure.
      Adios, Thomas

  4. There are many different things for you to be on oxygen

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