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Unseen Aspects of COPD

What is something others might not recognize or see about COPD but you want them to know?

  1. I was shocked to find out that you can lose control of your bladder when you get to out of breath.

    1. Stress incontinence. It's a right shock when it first happens. Squeezing your PC muscles to stop peeing yourself whilst counting your in/out breaths in the throws of massive anxiety...reminds me of

    2. I have had this happen at times. Didn’t associate it with COPD.

  2. That my symtoms are real. Not fake.

    1. I'm sorry people don't believe you are sick. I have some people that I see every week, that I thought were friends, but they all act like I'm a fake, and just want attention. I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone, but I'd love for them to know it's a serious illness and I'm not a fake. God bless you. I hope your day is good. ❤️🙏

    2. Thank you for sharing your understanding and compassion here -- it really makes a difference for people to know they aren't alone. <3 I'm also sorry that you're going through this. I wonder why so many people are suspicious of those who say they're sick? It doesn't make sense to me. I wonder if they would come to understand if you shared some articles from our site with them. If not, then it is their loss -- you deserve friends that believe and accept you. Hugs. -Melissa, copd team

  3. Your symptoms are REAL. When there is a misunderstanding about that, you must advocate for yourself and set them straight. It may be time to start eliminating some people from your inner circle so you can make room for those that can comfort you. Don't back down because your symptoms are REAL. Barbara Moore (moderator)

    1. Barbara thank you. He drives me to my appointments but will not come in. I have an appointment Monday and my son will come with me to ask questions and find out how to support me

    2. I hope your appointment goes well for you. Remember to tell your doctor that you don't have a caregiver and ask if he can offer any support for you. Have a safe, bereatheasy weekend. Barbara Moore (author)

  4. There are many different things for you to be on oxygen

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