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COPD and Nose Issues

Do you deal with a stuffy, runny, or dry nose? What tips and tricks do you have for managing nose issues with your COPD?

  1. I often have "dry nose" syndrome. It got so bad several years ago that I would get nose bleeds bad enough to send me to the ER. My doctor told me to use a Q-tip and Vaseline. I use it every day and haven't had a problem with bleeding since.

    1. I struggle with dryness and nosebleeds, too. If you're on oxygen, do you use the little bubbler/water tank that comes with it? That could help, as can a humidifier in the room you spend the most time in. Great to hear that Vaseline does the trick for you. Just make sure that you're not using Vaseline or other petroleum-based products with oxygen -- that's not safe. -Melissa, copd team

    2. Mine got so dry got a bloody nose, and had to go to ENT to get it cauterized! (Large blood clot came out!) He recommended Ayr gel to put in nose. That helps, also do what I mentioned below.)

  2. I pray that the Veteran Medical Centers Dentistry knows what this website shows

    1. Hi. Are you having problems with managing your COPD at the dentist? If you tell us more, maybe we can give you an article to share with them. You can also have your doctor contact them or write them a letter if you have concerns. Let us know if you have questions or want to talk! -Melissa, copd team

  3. I use Flonase and Arm and Hammer saline spray.

    1. I use a product that pulmonologist mentioned called AYR. It's an ointment I think it's aloe. You get it OTC so ask someone to help you find it in drugstore

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