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talking and being out of breath

After I talk for even five minutes, I get out of breath and feel weak and shaky after. Does anyone experience this?

  1. My doctor pointed out that when I'm talking I'm often holding my breath. Since I talk all the time to everyone, and anyone, I do get a little dizzy. Do you use an oximeter so you can time how long it takes for you oxygen saturation to raise after you stop talking? It's a little reassuring to be able to see it raise again in a timely manner. Hope is so important to me, even a little hope.

    1. , If idsbs24 is anything like myself a pulse oximeter could be useless. I spent seven years with doctors refusing to believe that I had respiratory issues because I always demonstrate almost 100% serum oxygenation despite very low lung function. When I looked into this, in order to convince physicians of what was occurring, I found that the oximeters have multiple flaws, with issues resulting with methemoglobin, sulfhemoglobin, and carboxyhemoglobin. My own issues revolve around my body having converted to anaerobic respiration/production of energy without oxygen so it was massively frustrating that physicians refused to acknowledge these issues.

  2. idsbs24, Hi. I used to experience the shortness of breath/weakness while talking during the first year after my own condition commenced. Gradually, as I stopped trying to use my chest for respiration and transitioned to mainly abdominal breathing, this improved. I still wear out but this can take an hour or two when talking, depending upon subjects. I can get extremely confused and wear out quickly if asked difficult questions. I also experience rapid loss of breath and loss of coordination when physically active as I find it difficult to remember to coordinate my breathing pattern.

    1. Thank you.

  3. That’s for your sharing your experience, and I can certainly understand...Me2!
    Not meaning to change the subject, but along with lack of air while talking; I’ve
    Experienced periodic passing out incidents.. This morning, walking my dog down
    To the post office; I knew I wasn’t feeling quiet right; but walked home and headed
    To my room, got dizzy & had that tingling all over feeling, continued and just
    Dropped back. Knew I heard a noise in the background but only to come to &
    Try to get up.....
    Anyway, I remember this happening only one other time and the first time, I didn’t pass out!
    Didn’t really have a breathing problem, but tingle all over was making me
    I know, I haven’t been taking the Albuterol every 6 hours as prescribed,
    Never have.,.. I just brave on and go with the flow..
    Thanx again for your share and not feeling right yet so taking it easy the
    Rest of the day!

    1. Hi ValeK, and thanks for your post. You may be aware there are other medical conditions that may result in the symptoms you've described (vertigo, tingling, and syncope), besides COPD and/or keeping to a medication schedule. Some of these can lead to other issues and/or may be considered serious on their own.
      Since you've shared this has happened to you previously, you may want to reach out to your physician, sooner rather than later.
      Please do check back and let us know how this all turns out for you.
      We have a genuine concern for your good health.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

    2. Hi again, ValeK21 - I wanted to check in on you since your initial post is from 6 days ago. Several within the community have expressed their support for you and clearly, we are concerned about how you are doing.
      When you have an opportunity, kindly let us know how you have been doing since your original post.
      We are concerned for your good health.
      Leon (site moderator

  4. This happens to me just about every time I talk. (Maybe I talk too much??) Standing or sitting it makes no difference. When this happens I just signal the person I am talking to by raising my finger in a "wait a minute" motion, which they do. I catch my breath then start talking again but the talking time gets shorter each time. Hmm.

    1. excellent advice. I have a tendency to do more than one thing at a time and I get out of breath and weak..

    2. , I think sometimes we can all use the reminder to slow down and take it one thing at a time! I know I constantly find myself rushing around trying to get too many things done at once and it never ends well. It's so important to take one thing at a time, take a break when needed and remember that it will all get done. It may not happen as quickly as it used to but that's okay! Thanks for sharing. All the best, Sam S. (, Team Member).

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