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Summertime and COPD

Do your symptoms become more severe as the temperature rises?

  1. Misty Roussa,
    The only time during the summer my symptoms are more severe, is if I spend too much time outside in the Texas heat. As long as I keep my outside time down to a bare minimum, I am good. All in all, meaning being outside in the early morning and late evening when temps are reasonable. The rest of the day is spent indoors in the A/C.

    1. I am with you on that Texas Heat. I am about 30 miles South East of Austin and it seems this year the heat is coming harder and faster. I also get all that smoke from the burning of the fields down in Mexico. Since I am still involved with Cardiac Rehab three days a week I leave the house with my oxygen on and don't come off of it till I am in the house again. I had the car air conditioner checked out and made sure it is working right. Just trying to make sure I am ready for what I know is coming in the heat department! Stay cool my friend.

    2. ,
      I guess we are kind of neighbors. I live 40 miles east of San Antonio. It has been blistering hot here the past two weeks. I limit my time outside to as few minutes as possible. Guess it will be this way for the next 4 months or so. Definitely sucks. But at least the winters are nice. Take care Mr. Thom and God Bless!

  2. Yes and when it’s sunny

    1. Welcome to our COPD community. Thank you for responding to our question. Sorry that your symptoms become more severe when the temperature rises -- and when it is sunny. Do you have a plan for when this happens? Does staying inside in the AC help? Just curious. John. community moderator.

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