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Does anyone have tips for showering with COPD?

Share your suggestions for easing the burden of bathing & showering.

  1. When I know when I'm going to use the shower I take my Ventolin Inhaler half hour before. I have a walk in shower with handrails and a seat. I keep the bathroom door open. When drying I use a towel based dressing gown. Debz (Site Moderator)

    1. those are great suggestions Debz. Thank you for sharing
      Janet (site moderator)

  2. Showers are like a marathon for me. I use a stool and hand bar which have helped but it still sucks everything I have in me to accomplish. I use cooler water than I used to before COPD and leave the bathroom door open. I also suffer from Afib and when I am finished with a shower my heart rate averages 150 to 200 bpm for at least a half an hour or longer. Scares me to death because it makes breathing harder also. I am mostly done for the day after a shower. And it feels like I did run a marathon. I miss the enjoyment and relaxation showers used to be for me.

    1. i have the same issues. I can only shower if my caregiver is here and have to turn my oxygen up a full liter.

    2. I can relate with all you have stated,it is scary I use to love nice hot shower,now days I have warm water and to avoid that horrible drying with towel I use a gown or robe made from towel material helps,take care

  3. I also leave the sliding shower door open ,prefer showering during bright sunshine days or brightly lighting the area at night, after having used my inhaler.

    1. Those are great strategies. Leaving the door open is an especially helpful one that many people don't think of. And great idea to use your inhaler first! - Lyn (site moderator)

  4. I love a hot shower! I was having difficulty breathing while showering until I started using my inhaler 1/2 hr beforehand and leaving the door & window open along with the shower curtain opened on both ends. I still have to take my time but it’s helped a lot..

    1. , I am glad that you were able to modify your routine to be able to shower more comfortably! Thanks for sharing with us! ~Melanie (team member)

    2. what a great idea! I do that before any exercise, it makes sense to try before showering too.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Janet (site moderator)

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