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New to group

Hey am new to the group. Was diagnosed with severe COPD 2 years ago. On oxygen full time now. Just trying to figure out how everyone deals with different problems.

  1. Nice profile shot, welcome, I’m new also👋

    1. I am also new today but I've known for a while about this disease I just don't I've been keeping it in. It's nice to hear other people talk. I just don't know what to say right now thank you.

    2. Hi there! Welcome to the community! Please know that there is no pressure to say anything, if you don't want to. 😀 The site is here to provide information, and also a space to connect with others for those who want to. We all have our own reasons for being here, and that's fine with us.

      I hear how hard it is to face a COPD diagnosis and all the emotions that can come with it, especially if you feel alone. You are in the right place here -- mostly everyone on the site has COPD or has a loved one with it, so we all understand. We are here for you. Take good care of yourself. -Melissa, copd team

  2. Hi Connie, and welcome! You've certainly come to the right place as we are all about all aspects of COPD. Take your time, look around and I'm sure you'll be interacting with all of us rather quickly.
    If there is anything we can assist you with, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.
    You are always welcome here!
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. I went to Cardiac Rehab then 2 months later was diagnosed Ewing COPD STAGE 4 went to rehab but it was really hard. My wife walks with me once or twice a week at the track. Yes I use my O2 and take 3 breaks but it’s better to exercise a little Love. Bruzzi

      1. Thank you so much for sharing that! I'm so glad to hear you can still enjoy walks on the track with your wife 😀 Wishing you a wonderful day! - John M. ( Team)

      2. Hi milton (Bruzzi), and thanks for joining in the conversation here. I see my colleague, , has already lent his own personal support just a few minutes ago. Like him, I am appreciative of you sharing your story here with the community.
        You do make a good point - with this condition, it is always better if one can remain active on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!
        Leon (site moderator

    2. I'm glad you found this site. Everyone's journey is a bit different. What do you consider to be your biggest struggle right now? April - Team

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