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New to copd

Im 38 y.o and was moderate smoker for 20 years.
Have a lot of dust breathed in,fumer,plastics.
I had some respiratory issues and now diagnosed chronic bronchitis,GERD,chronic pharyngitis.
Im uploading image of my chest CT to have another opinion

  1. , we appreciate you sharing some of your journey with us! Unfortunately, we are unable to give any medical advice over the internet (for your safety!), if you are in need of a second opinion, I would recommend asking your primary doctor who they would recommend seeing! All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

    1. @CopdGirl Thanks so much, CopdGirl - I appreciate you taking an interest in this. You may have seen that , is already looking into this as a possible technical issue. I am sure our team will sort through this!
      Leon (site moderator

    2. @CopdGirl Hi again, CopdGirl - I am happy to say I am still here and remaining active with the community. Still having some technical issues with the picture but will continue to work on it with . You are right - Samantha is wonderful to be colleagues with!
      Enjoy the weekend!
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Hi Ploomz, and welcome to our online community. I see my colleague, , has already acknowledged your comment and made a good suggestion as well.
    I also have something to contribute.
    Generally speaking, the results and interpretation of CT scan diagnostic tests are provided by the radiologist who is the expert reading the scans. This interpretation is usually provided to the patient, by the radiologist and the prescribing physician. You certainly have the right to discuss these results with the doctor(s), who provided them to you. Have you already done that? What are you thinking about the results they provided to you?
    If, for any reason, you want another viewpoint, you are always able to seek out a second opinion going forward, as Samantha has suggested. I think also that most insurance carriers permit second opinions with coverage. If that is important to you, you would want to verify that with your own particular insurance carrier.
    What are your thoughts?
    Leon (site moderator

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