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My Lung DR. just snickered when I asked about pain Meds.?

My DR. just snickered when I asked about pain meds. when treating late stage lung disease. Do any of you know anything about this treatment. I heard about it on the internet.

  1. Find a new doctor.

    1. I've heard that opiates could help some people with shortness of breath be more active

      1. I’ve had my doc for 25yrs . If he did that to me I’d be finding a new doc . I have a lung doctor only saw him once met him once. And I see him in dec . Good luck lyn .

        1. Hi SCOTTISHMIST1 and thanks for your post. We appreciate your input. Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

      2. Find a new Dr. You may need to see a pain specialist if your family Dr doesn’t treat pain. My Dad had the same problem and his Oncologist told him he didn’t treat pain, but he referred him to a pain specialist. With all the negativity about addiction and over prescribing I think a lot of Doctors are afraid to prescribe pain medicine but make no mistake, your Doctor was rude and uncaring to snicker at you! Your pain is real and you need a Doctor who understands that.

        1. Hi (again), lizgray and thanks for your input in response to the post/question from lynn18. We appreciate your input and comments. All the best, Leon (site moderator)

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