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Lung pain

Does anyone’s lungs actually hurt when having a particularly rough time? This TX heat came on so fast this summer I didn’t have a chance to get acclimated. My lungs ache from trying to breathe.

  1. , , , I'm a little late to the thread, but I get rib pain and breathing issues as you have mentioned with my COPD 4. It's so hard to get comfortable when it hurts just to breathe in or out. For myself, it seems to be from sitting with bad posture to long, mucus build up in my lungs, and sleeping position. I just went through a few days again recently and it's very upsetting. So first off I slept on the opposite side which is awkward, but when you are exhausted, you will sleep. I use pillows to improve my posture so I'm not slumping where I sit. And the last thing was to increase my breathing exercises to promote phlegm movement which helps clear the airways. Deep diaphragm breathing, in through my nose and out slowly through pursed lips. Then after a few minutes, I huff cough to try to clear my airway. It's less taxing on our bodies and helps get oxygen deep into the lungs. This is what I have been doing and it seems to help. If you feel like you are not improving, you should contact your doctor and ask his advice for your specific needs. What do you guys think?
    P.S. I think exercise to strengthen your muscles will help and make breathing easier, just start slow at first and build slowly each day.
    Jeff (Team

    1. happened to me a couple of months ago I had a bad cough that nt sharp pain in my rt lung when breathing in,popped nitro tablets didn't help thought I had a collapsed lung,next day it was fine,and no problems since

      1. My lungs often burn when I get out of breath. Like a dry, sandpapery feeling. Very painful. It usually goes away when my oxygen levels return to normal, but it can also depend on the weather. I think cold is worse.

        1. Going through a bit of rough time. Breathing has been getting worse for over year now.. A week ago i developed a pain in my rear left rib cage. It was constant pain. over the last few days its moved to my lower left rig cage, and is just dull ache, until I breath in. Then it becomes very sharp. My oxygen levels have always been in the mid to upper 90's Today the struggle to reach the mid 80' and have been dropping as low as 65, Does this sound anything what I should expect as the condition deteriorates ?

          1. That sounds more acute than what I would expect from the progression of copd. Have you checked with your doctor? I would definitely get some help.

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