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If you'd like, share a picture of yourself so we can put faces to names in our community πŸ’™

Looking forward to seeing everyone's photos!

  1. Well, I just uploaded a picture of myself with my little Boston Terrorist, Lady. Have had such a problem with this. It's probably me, but I contacted the contact email, and Debbie apparently couldn't figure it out either, because she asked me to repost. I hate to do it again, because it will probably cause it to generate three copies. Ha!

    1. Thanks! My husband isn't wild about this shot, but I think it's me. Have you posted one?

    2. Thanks! It's good to put faces with the names. Much more interesting.

    1. This is such a beautiful photo!!!! πŸ’› Best, Amani ( Team)

  2. I have no clue how to put a pic in here. I tried when I first got here, but it did not take.

    1. Hi amyd, and thanks for this post. I see that you persevered and were able to post your photo, after all - good work!!
      Leon (site moderator

    2. Good for you, amyd - way to keep at it!!
      Nice picture, too!
      Leon (site moderator

  3. here is mine fresh out of hospital into sleep study.10 days in so many steroids gained 80 lbs. and pulmonologist was more concerned about apnia,which I do have, rather than regular breathing.I went to a ne Dr. that would help me breathe when I was awake.
    My sleep study and just diagnosed with copd-4

    1. Thank you for sharing this photo of yourself with us all! You sure are managing a lot. Please know we're here for you anytime and around for support <3 -Alesandra ( Team)

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