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Being grateful can be difficult.

What are you grateful for despite your COPD diagnosis?

  1. My family.

    1. Hi . I am so glad to hear you have the kind of family that leaves you feeling grateful. Are they very supportive? Sending the best of all wishes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. To still be alive

    1. That is certainly something to be grateful for, . How are you feeling these days? Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

  3. There is so much to be grateful for. Being able to wake up every day and see the sun, the birds, the horses and goats next door to where I live, my grandsons and Daughter living a half a block away, being able to cook and clean our half a duplex, being able to build models of planes and motorcycles (one of my hobbies), being able to keep up with my hobbies, watching movies, tv series, and sports on TV, having a great medical team less than 5 miles away, just to mention a few. We as humans indulge in our emotions a bit too much sometimes, and it seems like the negative ones are always at the forefront. I found myself last Friday feeling sorry for myself as my grandsons were supposed to come over and spend the day. The oldest (6 1/2) decided he would rather go to his other grandparents. It felt like an arrow to my heart. It hurt my feelings. I felt lonely and sorry for myself. Then I remembered something a high school friend used to tell me when I was down. He used to tell me I was "indulging in my emotions too much, again." I never forgot that all these years later. Being on the verge of 70, that was a long time ago, but has stuck with me all these years. It was and still is great advice. It is too easy to feel sorry for oneself, and very hard not to. My grandsons ended up coming here for the day anyways because the other grandparents were not home. We had a great day together and I felt so much better. Being a COPD sufferer makes one feel isolated. I can't go and do all the things I used to. I can't go out like I used to and play outside with my grandsons. I don't go to large gatherings for fear of catching something that would not be good for me. Like pneumonia, a cold, COVID, etc. So, I miss a lot of family stuff. I live across the street from the Guadalupe River. When the dam repair is completed (next spring), it will become Lake Placid again. I used to be able to go fishing and take poon toon boat rides with my grandsons. I can't do that anymore because here in Texas it is too hot to do all the summer things I used to do. But I make do with what I can do and fill my time with other things. Building models, playing video games, composing, recording, and mixing my own music, cleaning, cooking, exercising, to name a few and not indulging in my feeling too much. Take care y'all and God Bless!
    P.S. Sorry this was a bit long.

    1. Kids are so interesting, I know you know that. It's the same stab in the heart I feel when my godlings run to my husband instead of me at times, or that their parents feel when the kids push them away ... you are working hard to engage with them and have a blast with them, and I'm sure that shows. <3 Hugs and good to hear from you! -Melissa, team

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