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how are you adjusting to the new normal?

How are you adjusting to the new normal? What's the new normal like in your place?

  1. Hi aapostal, and thanks for joining in this conversation. You make some good points - especially the ones about the pandemic induced solitude and the importance of socialization. Is there anything you are able to do safely to increase the interaction with others for yourself? In my family, we have been able to use 'zoom' meetings with some success. Clearly, it is not the same, but by at least 'seeing' one another (on the computer or phone), is better than just phone calls without us visibility.

    It's nice to see you posting here again. We've had some conversations in the past and I am pleased that you continue to do so. Perhaps this is a help for you as well. For easy reference, here is a link to some previous conversations:

    Please know, you are always welcome here!

    Leon (site moderator

    1. Having been diagnosed now for some 8 - 9 years I've pretty much learned how to live as normal of a life as one can have with COPD. I've learned how to slow myself down, to be aware of things around me. How to schedule my life around my nebulizer treatments.
      All that being said then the pandemic came into our lives. Now my normal is not normal. I live by myself so it became a very solitary life. This is bad. I need people around me to keep my head from going to places it shouldn't go. Just so much has changed from my normal.
      But I'm doing every thing I can to keep it normal. We do need normal. Keeps me/us focused on our COPD.

      1. I do some zoom meetings for another problem that I have. They of course help a awfully lot. My biggest problem is just getting out. One of the things I find with age is that if you stop doing something it becomes extremely hard to start it up again. We ( I ) need to be Normally active. and with the pandemic even the Doctors are taking office calls, I know they ( most ) don't want to. Office calls give me something to do. But just going and knowing they are going to Zap you for your temperature gets to be stress full. But we will get through it.

      2. Hi again, aapostal, and thanks for this recent reply (above), and explanation. Glad to hear you do well with several of the zoom meetings. You make a good point about being somewhat challenging to start a behavior or activity up again, once it's been stopped. Just give it your best effort and keep at it! As you've said - we'll get through this!!

        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. My new normal changes constantly depending on my COPD and emphasemia conditions. Covid has certainly changed everything. I try to do what is right and healthy for me and my family. Ask ques., research and stay in touch with others in simular situation. The isloation is hard. I'm a hugger and I miss the human touch and get togethers. I use FB alot and have gotten involved in other COPD groups. Try to stay strong and positive and when I can't use coping skills or reach out to family and friends. Counciling has helped. Being my own advocate helps me feel more in control of treatments and my conditions. It's been a challenge.

      1. My life in general has changed very little except I phone in grocery requests instead of having a friend get them. My sons live a long distance away so visits were very infrequent and I, because of limited mobility, kept in touch with friends by either phone or messaging. However I don’t really like the feeling of being restricted.

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