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I'm wondering if anyone has a hottub and uses it? If you do does it affect your breathing? I have 1 and I'm afraid to get in it. Would it be safe to try or not recommended? Would appreciate any advice, thank you.

  1. No worries, I've been called worse lol. We've had the hottub for years, I used it everyday. Since being diagnosed with copd I'm afraid to use it. I'm thinking I can put the temp down in the 90s and see if it bothers me and then if it doesn't I can turn it up. I miss relaxing in it. Of course I would never go in it without someone nearby just in case. And I can roll my oxygen out to the deck. I could ask my dr but he'd just be guessing, I was hoping someone with copd could let me know their experience.

    1. Hi again, pamelaj, and thanks for understanding my 'faux pas', I appreciate it. It sounds like you have planned out a prudent approach to easing your way back into the hot tub. Starting with temperature adjustment and having someone with you seems to be the safest way to get back into this. You may find that keeping the oxygen on might provide you with more of a sense of security while it helps with your breathing at the same time!
      I am also still hopeful that other community members will see your post and lend their thoughts on this subject, if they have experience.

      Please do keep us posted as you work your way back towards relaxing in the hot tub!
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Hi @hottub, and thanks for your question. I am hopeful others in the community will see your post and respond with their own personal experiences.
    Have you had an opportunity to use the hot tub before? What was it like for you?

    There are some factors you'll want to keep in mind and consider. For some folks with COPD, temperature, humidity, and chemicals can have an effect on one's breathing. This may affect some people but not others. Remember, the hot tub is generally kept at a hot temperature (>100 degrees Fahrenheit). There tends to be an increased humidity level in and around the hot tub. As well, properly maintained hot tubs can use chemicals to keep them clean and sanitized.

    These are all considerations you'll want to evaluate for yourself prior to using a hot tub. Are you someone who is affected by those factors? You also may want to discuss this with your physician.

    What do you think?
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. I must apologize, , I didn't address your properly or correctly. I had thought your screen name was 'hottub' - I see it is pamelaj.

      I am sorry for that error!
      Leon (site moderator

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