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Having an "Invisible" Condition... Like COPD

What "invisible" part of COPD do you wish other people could see?

  1. This is all still new to me, I think the hardest part is that most people dont really understand the severity of the disease. I also find it hard/embarrassing trying to "keep up". Even simple things like shopping with friends.

    1. Hi Tkemp81 - You're not alone in feeling that way. Especially with a new diagnosis, it can be challenging to absorb all the new information. You're very right, most people don't understand the consequences of COPD on the body and the toll it takes on you.
      My simple advice is, don't push yourself to the point of exhaustion just to keep up with your friends. They'll learn to pace themselves to you and I'm sure as good friends, they'll understand.
      In another post you mentioned some of your symptoms - here's an article that I thought might help:
      -Lyn (site moderator)

    2. Hi again, TKemp81 and thanks for this post. Having a new diagnosis with COPD can be a challenge to adjust to and manage. You've certainly come to the right place as is all about COPD and all things COPD related. You may also find it interesting to check out our COPD Facebook page. You can find the link located at the bottom of this page. Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

  2. Please don't think I am superwoman...far from it! But I am just not willing to give up. I might miss something, after all! I will admit to getting quite tired and more easily as time goes on. But I figure I'm allowed to rest more often now that I'm 86! I do try to inject a sense of humor as often as possible. It helps!

    I'm many of you used portable concentrators rather than 02 tanks when you are out and about? Are then better or worse than portable tanks?

    1. Hi buckybuck and thanks for your post from earlier today (immediately above). We appreciate you being on the website and responding to members who've commented on your post(s). Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

  3. Hi j914 and thanks for your post in response to buckybuck's post (above) from a year ago. It's never too late in our community to join in the conversation. If the member has remained active, they will most likely see it. If not, the rest of the community has an opportunity to read your comment/opinion. Wishing you well. Leon (site moderator)

    1. Hi again, Kini and thanks for this post, too. We know that pulmonary rehabilitation can help many people who have COPD. I thought this overview article would provide you with some insight for how it works: I believe you may also find that pulmonary rehabilitation programs can be a form of socialization and may help resolve some of the loneliness you've stated you're feeling.
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator)

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