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Getting off to a good start

What are your best tips for getting off to the best start of your day? This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for me, as I don't 'leap out of bed' with great energy - ha! (an understatement). I'm always looking for 'what works' that seems to help me feel my best, whatever that may be. What seems to be working (most often) is some stretching, before I get out of bed (I have arthritis too), then take a few good breaths before I get up, then go on and take my medicines, inhaler, etc., dress for the gym, go to my favorite coffee shop with some some inspirational reading and my journal. I get either decaf, or half and half. I enjoy the folks at the coffee shop... a very positive place. Journaling and the readings really help me get back on track, get focused for my day - a spiritual time for me. Then, off to the gym (I do better when I'm around folks who are also exercising), for 25-30 minutes. I do what I can, depending on how I am feeling. I do some breathing exercises as I walk, use the equipment. Do I do this every single day? No. But my 'research' (with a subject of one) tells me that the chances of me having a good day are greatly increased when I do this. And so, the results are encouraging me to follow this 'plan' even more.
What do you do to start your day?

  1. What an inspirational post! Starting the the day with an upbeat attitude is so important. It is very easy to let ourselves get down in the dumps and it does us no good. Thank you for being such a positive contributor to our community. You made my morning just a little better! Have a great day, Becky (moderator)

    1. Awww... Thanks, !

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