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Does anyone in the community work full time?

I have stage 2 COPD, emphysema, am 60... Does anyone here in the community still work full time? I’ve been offered a manager position for a retail boutique and am wondering if I should accept. I feel tired upon awakening but seem to get better as the day goes on. Any suggestions?

  1. Thank you for your response. I’m just nervous about returning to work during this pandemic without a vaccine

    1. Hi again, - glad to see you again following your initial post (above), from November 8, 2020. I also noticed that several other community members and team members responded to your first post.

      You concern (nervousness), is understandable, especially since the virus remains with us and vaccinations are just getting started.

      Has your place of employment been open? Are they bringing employees back to the job? Is there anything further you can share with us at this time?

      Hang in there - we will all get through this together!

      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. While I can’t comment on your specific situation, what I can share is that I am 53 and I’m 2 years down the road from diagnosis. I had a left lung bullectomy in July 2020 and am still returning to full physical fitness following that.... I do however work full time as a Management Consultant leading a high profile programme with my financial services client (top 5 global bank)

    At time yes, I do feel tired and worn out but I have found physical fitness helps me immensely. I am luckier than most in that my COPD was found early because I cycle regularly and noticed a significant performance dip in my lung function but I haven’t let the diagnosis impact or change my life as much as possible

    1. Hi katy60
      I have more health issues than just my COPD. I worked outside the home as long as I could. Others have as well.
      If you are up to taking the new position, go for it. It can help financially, It can also let you feel purpose & independence.
      This is something that your doctor could best advise.
      Please, let us know what you decide.
      Janet (site moderator)

      1. I have chronic bronchitis and emphysema and work a full time job. It's been difficult for me, I feel much better in the mornings but by afternoon I begin to get really tired. I am a City Clerk (water billing) and it's mostly computer work, but it's still tiring. But I would suggest if you really want to - just give it a try. It does help me to be busy everyday. Good luck

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