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FEV Meter?

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with or knowledge of portable, at home FEV meters. What experience do any of you have?

  1. Hi ! I have the Microlife Digital Peak Flow Meter. I ordered it off of Amazon. I like it to keep track of how I'm doing. If I feel like I'm having a bad breathing day, I will use it and see if my numbers are down. I also try to monitor at least once a month, just to keep a record for myself to show my doctor if I feel he needs to see the numbers. I think there are many different ones out there. This is just what I got. I hope this helped! Best, Jackie (Moderator)

    1. I do not have a monitor yet. I hope to hear other’s experience before buying.

      1. Hi Bob, and thanks for your post. I am hopeful others in the community will see your inquiry and chime in with their own personal experience using these devices.
        There are many different devices available for purchase commercially and run the range in pricing.
        I am familiar with these products as many patients I know keep them for use at home. Do you already have one for use at home or, are you considering purchasing one for yourself?
        Have you had an opportunity to discuss this with your physician as yet?
        Leon (site moderator

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