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Feeling sick all the time

I feel blotted and swelled in my stomach and feel like I have something sitting on my chest

  1. I take a stoll softner for bloating and take a lot of tums

    1. Hi again, dundalk - thanks for your post(s) here and elsewhere on our community platform. I'm glad to see you 'jumping right in' and getting involved - we appreciate that!
      Do you feel the stool softener and Tums helps with the bloating?
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. I feel doctors care so much for people my age . so I try living with it

    1. Hi Sherry. I feel bloated and it makes it harder to breathe for me too. I'm not an overeater, I think maybe the hyperinflated lungs are a problem with the bloating along with inflamation maybe? It is very uncomfortable though for sure. It's just in my stomach pretty much that it's happening. I've never been overweight in my life until after having had breast cancer in 2007, which led to a lot of other stuff. I am cancer free so I cannot complain. I waited to long to quit smoking so I can only blame myself for that. I have started doing pulmonary rehab classes from youtube and so exercising has helped me lose 6lbs so far since the 31st of Dec. and being mindful of what I eat has helped also.

      1. If something bothers me like that I take a pill to calm myself down. Then I'll call my doctor and ask.

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