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Diagnosed Young

I'm 35 was diagnosed with COPD after 24 years of smoking/vaping, a history of COVID in 22 and also double lung pneumonia when I was 18. Is it uncommon to be this young and diagnosed? I'm sob constantly and rarely get out and on inhaler/nebulizer. Also I'm losing weight like no tomorrow. It's all really confusing. Thanks

  1. Hi , and thanks for your post. I remember your earlier post (in December), about something similar - having COPD at your age and not being taken seriously by the emergency department staff. For ease of reference, here is a link to that conversation: I see my good colleague, lent you support at that time.
    Let me see if I can be of help to you now. Although it isn't all that common to develop COPD at a young age, we do actually see patients in your age category who are diagnosed with COPD. You are not alone in that regard!
    There is a concern now that you've shared you are 'losing weight like no tomorrow'. Based on the medical history you've shared with us now (loss of weight, long smoking history, vaping history, a recent COVID diagnosis (2022), being constantly short of breath (SOB) and limitation of physical mobility), it is entirely possible that there may be additional diagnoses that have not yet been assessed.
    My suggestion for you would be to seek out a pulmonary specialist and have a complete and thorough medical workup. You'll want to know (for certain), if you are dealing with COPD alone or, other medical diagnoses that need to be addressed.
    What do you think?
    Leon L (author/moderator)

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