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COPD and Young People

What are some unique challenges young people face when diagnosed with COPD, and how can they best manage their condition at a younger age?

  1. Support and understanding, are so important for all COPDers, moreso for our younger members. I believe that age will be a challenge because COPD is usually an “older persons disease”. So many have commented on that already. Those that I have talked with, over the past 10+ years, have commented that doctors don’t understand and aren’t very supportive. This younger generation of COPD needs acceptance and understanding. They need to know where to turn.
    Those that I have talked to, with the early diagnosis, have mainly been males. I wish that I would have kept track.
    Upon diagnosis, hopefully this person will have found an understanding and supportive doctor. It’s so important that this younger COPDer has a support system, because we all need someone to talk with, that can understand and listen. Someone that we can trust. COPD can be a lonely disease. A support system can be a Better Breathers Club or other face to face group, a therapist, a friend or even a site like this. We are here for the person with COPD and/or family and friends. They must be 18.
    We have so much information here, and a lot of heart. No one is ever alone.

    1. Stay alive kill the smoke and enjoy each day without the feeling it is your last

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