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What does your daily routine look like?

Wondering what a typical day is like for those who have COPD stage 4. I’m trying to figure out a better routine for myself that includes the time for stretching exercise, walking exercises. Monitoring daily breathing and recording it. Medicines and meals, housework, down time, hobbies. Include naps?

I wonder if I’m alone in feeling like I’m not doing the best for my daily self care. And it’s my goal to change that before I put myself in the ground. I’m trying to simplify my daily living. I need your suggestions, ideas or how you go about your day. Thank you in advance.

  1. I get up every morning around 5am. I have my coffee and eat breakfast. I shower and dress every day. Then I do my exercises take a walk and do any errands I have to do.

    1. HI PK0218 - An early riser! That's impressive. I've always enjoyed that time before the sun rises to enjoy coffee and do a little reflecting. It's an opportunity to gather ones thoughts and appreciate just "being".

      Lyn (site moderator)

  2. Hi Barbara,

    I do like the idea of breaking the exercise up into 3 chunks. I saw Carols morning routine. I usually stay in jammies unless I have to leave the house lol. I know terrible. I’ve been depressed a LOT and I’ve read suggestions but sometimes it takes me awhile to kick out of it. It always comes back though.
    I think I could benefit from at least getting dressed in comfortable everyday wear, business dress wouldn’t work for me now. But maybe put my shoes on so I have the intent of getting things done, which I guess I don’t feel when in slippers.
    I can see how taking those clothes off can maybe help me feel like it’s a reward to get comfy and cozy. But having the day clothes would help. Reading this a second time has helped me to change at least a few things. One thing is doing this will create more laundry hmmm.
    I have a terrible sleep schedule. I have tried to change it but I cannot always get to sleep sometimes til 1:00 and at times til 6:00. But once I’m asleep I’m out. Melatonin I’ve tried but even half dose of 3mg makes it difficult to wake up and I get groggy all day. Just bought green tea instead of caffeine full load and figure I can keep adjusting down from there to herbal. I really don’t like decaf tea. Do not drink coffee. I guess I’m somewhat stubborn in my ways and need to kick myself in the butt to make changes. I think I know why I do this but that another post. Thanks for responding Barbara and reminding me of Carols prior post.

    1. Hi Eat2017, Carol had a great suggestion in one of her articles. Get up and have breakfast and read the paper, surf FB whatever you do in the morning. Then, get changed into work clothes, and put your shoes on. I have been doing this during the fall. It helps to remind me that it is work time and to stay busy. I actually take them off after work around 5.
      I like to break my workout into 3 chunks, morning, afternoon and evening. Always start with a warm up and finish with a cool down. I do upper body in the morning, cardio in the afternoon and breathing exercises during the evening. What does your schedule look like? Barbara Moore (site moderator)

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