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Had copd for 8 years feeling really low all the time

As anyone suffered from extreme sweating all night Feeling low Really bad anxiety every time I try to speak to a doctor they just say I don’t know his cause it dose anyone else suffer from this I’m now 44 I was diagnosed when I was 35

  1. I sweat no matter what, when I go to sleep I tend to wake up feeling scared , stomach all upset.

    1. Hi again, dundalk - I am sorry to hear you wake up feeling scared. How do you manage your emotions once you've gotten up for the day? Is there anything further you are able to share with the community at this time? Do you think the upset stomach is related to the anxiety you feel upon awakening?
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Yes sweating and anxiety.

    1. I used to sweat all night for years. I have obstructive sleep apnea so when I got my BiPAP machine for the apnea, the sweating stopped. I don't know if there is a connection.
      It took several months of machine changes and adjustments for the BiPAP to work, and I also use a circulating fan in my bedroom at night.

      1. I sweat all night long and have to change my pjs every night. I thought this was a woman thing and not related to my severe COPD. I'd like some medical reasons for this too!

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