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COPD Hobbies / Exercise

HI everyone. Just wondering if anyone else has hobbies that actually helps them with getting a little more exercising in. Also interested in finding ways to "hide" the exercise but still get it.

One thing I have done is house plants. Yes, every room has that has a window has at least one plant. This forcing me to walk throughout the house opening curtains/ shades and closing them. Of course once a week I have to make many trips for watering, thus getting more steps in. Had to learn what plants like the different lighting my windows do or do not offer, but that keeps the mind occupied.

Any others?


  1. I go for a walk and do zumba 2 time a week make me happy that

    1. Love the look of zumba. Must start slow. Once was doing toddler / small child zumba with grandkids and was surprised how that even helped. Forgot about it since they moved. Hmm might have to try that again and work my way up to grown up zumba if possible. Thanks for the reminder about it!

    2. There's also Zumba Gold which is supposed to be for people with less mobility! -Melissa, team

  2. try singing out loud to your favorite songs as often as possible! Best exercise for your lungs! It worked for me and still does! Take care love!

    1. Perfect, can do it to help the plants too! They might die while I sing, but I will do it! Thanks

    2. oh gosh, you make me laugh Doris! They say that if you speak kindly to your plants they will grow better. Maybe if you sing with good intentions they will appreciate the effort. It's the thought that counts! 😀 -Melissa, team

  3. What a great way to get some exercise, . I try to do the same. While folding and putting away laundry, I will fold one item at a time from the dryer and put each one away separately to get the steps in. It also helps if the basket is too heavy to carry. Any movement we can get throughout the day is so good for us. I think you gave me inspiration for my next article if you don't mind using your topic. I will use your user name when writing if you agree to me doing so. Let me know. Thanks, Jackie (Moderator)

    1. that's fine about the article. I do similar with laundry also. Don't forget to walk from side to side and switch to the other on the way back. Walking backwards if coordination allows is a great way to get yet another set of muscles working. So many other things that could be done having a little fun and exercise at the same time... Best to you

    2. Thank you, , I appreciate it! Lots of great tips, thank you!! I think I'm going to send you message to ask you a question.

  4. Ha! I live in Texas, where we are located more than ten million miles closer to the Sun! So, it doesn't matter what windows I use. I just have to be sure to water plenty, so as not to cook them. Summer is nine months long here. Anyways, even though I have central HVAC in my woodshop, I can no longer do woodworking, so I am in the process of selling off all that equipment. I have moved to leatherwork, which I can do at my workbench in my room. I do Native American leatherwork and things like book covers, purses, bags, wallets, small clothing items, even a steering wheel cover. I do all hand stitching, British style. I have a large inventory of oil-tanned hides, Buffalo/deer/elk hides, etc., as well as some brain-tan too. Also beadwork. I have a huge supply of all the best beads. They still (after over a thousand years!!!) make them in the same factories, in the same way. It's the most recession-proof business in human history! I can do this when I feel like it and stop or start easily, as it is right here, and requires far less physical labor. I also build and repair computers, laptops, cell phones, etc., and appliances. Once my shop is closed down and gone, I plan to try to make a little side money with the leather. Will see how it goes.
    For other ideas, I always wanted to build a model sailing ship, one of those big ones with a wooden hull, all the real sails and rigging, etc. I have the tools to machine all the small parts, too, like blocks, tackle, masts, etc. I always thought it would be a fascinating learning experience, and fun. I always wanted to write a book, too - science fiction! But like most of us, I spent my life making a living instead, and never had time. Oh, well. There are lots of things one could choose for a hobby, the trick being to just pick one. But I also have to consider what restrictions my health will put on my abilities later on, too. However much later on there is. Keep us posted on how you decide to go with this.

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