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COPD Frustrations!

What is the most frustrating part about living with COPD?

  1. Not being able to interact with my grandchildren like I used to do. I miss not being able to go to their games because of the weather or the way I am feeling.

    1. I hear your frustration about the grands. My grandson thinks I am fragile and that if I go into the kitchen I would burn myself. It was quiet the shock for my family to hear, as I used to be young and strong. I too miss what I can't do and sitting on the sidelines is no fun. Barbara Moore (moderator)

    2. Do your kids ever share video clips from the games? I always took pictures and videos whenever I did something interesting so I could share it with my grandmother who had copd. I know it's not the same, but it helped her feel connected. If they haven't done this for you, don't be afraid to ask! Sending hugs.- Melissa, COPD team

  2. My most frustrating part is not being able to do things I use to do. I can't walk a block any more without getting tired. I can't sing in church. I can't go shopping without getting tired. Tiredness is my culprit because I can't breathe.

    1. me

    2. have you thought of palliative care. They can help you. Talk to your doctor. Medicare and Medicaid pick up the cost.
      Jackie Dyll

  3. Having to bring oxygen with you and hoping it lasts.

    1. I find the constant worry about your tanks lasting really plays on my mental health. I always make it into a tragedy of 'what ifs.' Barbara Moore (moderator)

    2. Me too! I am on 4 liters when I am up doing anything and I cant use pause, so it goes fast.

  4. Not being able to go without the oxygen. Just like a dog that is tied up all the time. Even when you try and sleep

    1. I am so sorry. Can you not get something portable that can go with you? They make some of the smallest units now and they run on some pretty good batteries' am not sure how it works in the US for extended health coverage but some help with these things. Sorry I am in Canada so not sure what you have.

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