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Which breath warmer works best?

I read one of the article about cold weather and one of the people referred breath warmers. Which kind is good for us?

  1. Hi Dar!

    Thanks so much for your questions! While the author may respond here with her experience with breath warmers, I thought you might be interested to know that one of our moderators, Leon, responded to your question in your comment on the article: with another great suggestion! I do hope this is helpful!

    Jenn ( Team)

    1. I will check it Jenn sorry I hadn't been on line. Thank you I will check the moderators to.

  2. Hey Dar! I'm copying the reply I gave you on the article here to make sure you have it. I’ve found that anything to warm my breath in cold air is extremely helpful. As Leon talked about, a good scarf will work well. There are also companies on the Net that make special masks that cover the neck and lower face. Just Google “breath warmer” and they should come up. Thanks for reading my article and I hope this helps.

    1. I enjoy your article. That was the first time I heard of "breath warmers" thank you it was informative. I did google and check on what and where different breath warmers were. I live in the Mid-west so something heavier, the bitter cold hurts. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    2. Hi Dar - so glad to hear you found something of value in the article. I'm sure you will find something that helps you to beat those Mid-western cold temperatures!
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator)

  3. Hi Dar and thanks for both Michelle and Jenn for referring you to the suggestions made to your comment on the article itself.
    I see that Michelle, the author of the article, has also provided a suggestion of her own for you to take a look around the internet.
    Good luck and let us know how you do.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

    1. Thank you I just got back on ...sorry I am seeing everyones reply. Thank you Leon

    2. It's my pleasure, Dar - we're glad to have you back!! Warmly, Leon (site moderator)

  4. do these things fog up glasses??>

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